Additional Devices

Each of our Heritage devices are able to connect to a number peripheral devices which are designed to improve and safeguard the well-being of citizens at home.

Our additional devices range from wearable tech, to pull cords and connected fire alarms.

We offer a catalogue of devices that local authorities and associations can choose from, however, we also offer customisable packages at competitive rates.

Wearable Peripherals

Wrist-Worn Fall Detector

In the event of a fall, the sensor will raise an alarm to the Alarm Receiving Centre via a connected telecare box. If the user stands up 20 seconds after the fall detection, our fall detector cancels the alarm. If the wearer stays on the floor, the fall sensor will also vibrate and the LED light flashes to the let the user know an alarm is about to be generated. The sensor is waterproof to IP67, shock resistant, made of hypo-allergenic plastic and has a replaceable battery.

Bogus Caller

The bogus caller alarm can be used to make a silent call to the alarm receiving centre to summon help in the event of a visit from a bogus caller or if the client feels unsafe. The trigger can either be placed near the front door or be worn by the client.

Wandering Client Elvis & Gustav RFID

The Gustav RFID (radio-frequency identification) sensor, in combination with the Elvis alarm trigger, can be used to notify the alarm receiving centre when a service user leaves their property or enters an area which they should not be entering. The Elvis triggers an alarm by sending a signal to the Gustav when the client passes through a door or restricted are where the Gustav has been located. The Gustav RFID does require mains power to operate.

Waist Worn Fall Detection

The fall sensor monitors changes in directions and speeds. When worn on the waist via the integral belt clip or a body belt the sensor can detect a change in angle, orientation and impact that can differentiate a fall from daily activity. Activation of a fall alarm occurs automatically when the wearer falls. A call can also be transmitted via the emergency call button on the sensor. Water resistance to IP65 standard (showerproof).

Environmental Safety

CO Detector

Carbon monoxide is often called the “silent killer” because it’s an invisible, odourless, tasteless gas produced when fossil fuels do not burn completely, or are exposed to heat (usually fire). The carbon monoxide detector detects when CO concentration reaches set levels. An audible and visual alarm are given as well as activating a call to the alarm receiving centre via a connected telecare device.

Radio Smoke Detector

When the smoke detector is activated it emits a clear audible signal and sends a call to the alarm receiving center via the connected telecare device. 

Gas Detector

The gas detector gives an audible and visual alarm if levels of natural gas in the room are starting to rise to potentially dangerous levels as well as activating a call to the alarm receiving centre via the carephone. It can be used in situations where the gas to an appliance may accidentally be left on or there is a potential leak.

Radio Pull Cord

The radio pull cord is ceiling mounted and can be strategically placed around the home for example in the bathroom or near the bedside, in order to provide the service user with a convenient means of calling for help in an emergency.

Combined Gas and Carbon Monoxide Detector

The combined gas & carbon monoxide detector detects carbon monoxide and natural gas levels. The detector requires 230V mains power supply to operate. The detector gives an audible and visual alarm when a dangerous level of gas or carbon monoxide.

Nemo Motion Sensor

Nemo is a wireless motion sensor which can be used for different situations where monitoring of movement may be required. For example, the Nemo motion sensor can be used as:

A bed monitor.
Movement monitor.
Presence sensor, linked to a door alarm.

Our Packages

Heritage: Standard

As Part of our Heritage Range, our standard digital telecare package comes complete with a digital IP Telecare Box and an SOS button.

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Heritage: Standard Plus2

As Part of our Heritage Range, our standard plus2 package comes with with a digital IP Telecare Box, connected SOS button and 2 additional items such as a pull cord, gas detector or smoke alarm.

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Heritage Standard Plus5

As Part of our Heritage Range, our Standard Digital Telecare Package plus 5 comes with a Digital IP Telecare Box, connected SOS button and the option of 5 additional devices including a pull cord, smoke, gas or fall detectors.

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